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Make Much of Jesus

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Enjoy forgiveness of sin

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Conquest tee

The Simple Message that changes lives

People need to be aware of the love of Jesus. By wearing a faith based design, we can be part of the resounding message to others of God;s great lvve for them.
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About Us​

We started Church Clothes in 1992 with one goal: to encourage others as they follow Jesus

Our Mission

Our mission has not changed. We want to encourage you and those around you as they journey to follow Jesus.  We believe our awesome designs are a great way to share the Word of God as you go and make disciples everywhere.

Share the Word

The Word of God is powerful and never returns void.  Someone will read your shirt, be encouraged by it to know God, and be set free from sin!

Want to know more about Jesus?

Knowing Jesus is the best choice anyone can make.  Do you want to know how your sins can be forgiven?

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